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Mauritius Offers Tamil Film Producers Refunds; Kalaipuli S Thanu Says, ‘Wait For The Execution’

Officials from the Mauritius Film Development Corporation met the Producers Council members yesterday to facilitate the shooting of Tamil films in Mauritius. They announced special offers to producers during the meet. They also plan to refund certain shooting expenses to producers who shoot a major portion of their films on the island nation.

Will this offer help Tamil film producers? Speaking to Silverscreen, Kalaipuli S Thanu said, “The offer has just been made. It is a big process to receive the refund. We can’t comment about it now. Only when the Mauritius Film Development Corporation execute it properly will it benefit the producers.”


According to a press statement, Nandha, an official of the Mauritius Film Development Corporation, said, “We want to encourage the producers to shoot in our country. So far 60 films have been registered for the shoot in Mauritius this year and out of which 20 films are Indian films. If a film is entirely shot in our country, we will refund 40 per cent of the shooting expenses after the shoot is over. This may help many producers to plan  their shoots in Mauritius. Also, if a team wants to shoot in our island, we would help them get permission for the shoot within 48 hours.”