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‘Men In Black International’ Trailer: Tessa Thompson And Chris Hemsworth As The Agents In Black


Thor: Ragnarok stars Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth get to reunite as the mysterious agents in black for Men In Black International. This time around, the aliens are creating havoc across London, leading Agents M (Thompson) and H (Hemsworth) strap on their black suits and get ready for battle.

There’s no sign of Tommy Lee Jones or Will Smith from the original movies. But a key moment in the trailer seems to suggest that agents M and H likely operated at the same time as agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones). One does miss the biting wit and camaraderie that formed an essential part of J and K’s relationship. In the new film, M and H don’t yet have that bond that made the former all the more entertaining despite the increasingly ludicrous plot elements.

Another highlight is Emma Thompson, a full head of white hair providing a stark contrast to that structured black suit, who inducts young Agent M into the franchise. Liam Neeson appears as Hemsworth’s partner in a few scenes and is quickly replaced by agent M.

As to the kind of aliens that are threatening the planet, the internet has several theories. Whoever they may be, the latest edition of the Men In Black franchise come with cool gadgets, shiny space guns and a flying car.

If that doesn’t cut it, then there’s always Tessa Thompson who looks like an MIB version of her Valkyrie warrior from Thor.

The trailer is set to Fergies London Bridge which makes it sound a little dated. But just for having a female MIB agent and that too an actor who identified as bi-sexual, is a big step ahead for the franchise.

When the movie does release in June 2019 it will be closely scrutinised by the fans of the franchise. Smith and Jones are a tough act to follow.

But perhaps. Just perhaps, Tessa Thompson will prove to be quite the surprise element.

Watch the trailer here:

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