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Mersal Row: Delay In Certification Is Being Unnecessarily Sensationalised, Says CBFC Chief Prasoon Joshi; Telugu Version Cleared For Release

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) Chief Prasoon Joshi says that the delay in giving censor certificate to Mersal’s Telugu version – Adirindhi, is being unnecessarily sensationalised.

“I am surprised with the accusations on the CBFC for the delay. It’s a usual process which is getting unfairly and unnecessarily sensationalised. The film will get its certificate by the CBFC as fairly as it got for its Tamil version,” he said

Joshi dismissed rumours that the film was being unfairly targeted as it contained controversial scenes.


“I would request the media to also get a full picture before arriving at conclusions. I would also request the stakeholders to please plan their release taking the time period and process into account and respect schedules without creating undue pressure,” he added.

Joshi mentioned that CBFC officers try their best to work with limited resources and with a film’s best interests at heart.

Despite working fairly and making tireless efforts, “the CBFC was being pulled in for undue criticism, which is disappointing and disheartening.”

The Telugu version has now been cleared, Joshi confirmed.