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‘Mersal’ Row: Makers Release Statement Clarifying That They Spoke To BJP Leaders


While Mersal has been mired in controversy with respect to the dialogues mentioning GST and demonetisation, its makers have released an official statement clarifying certain things. The statement goes on to state that the makers have explained their opinions to BJP leaders.

“We faced a lot of controversies before the release and we sorted out those issues and we have released this film. We are upset that the film is facing yet another controversy even after its release. We would like to clarify that Mersal has no content  against the government or anybody. It is about a doctor’s dream of making a corruption-free medical industry.  All these years, we have been producing films with just one motive – entertain the audience. If anybody is upset with our films, it upsets us, too.”

About the controversy over GST dialogues in the film, they said “We have discussed the issue with the BJP leaders including BJP’s Tamil Nadu president, Tamilisai Soundrajan. We explained our stand and also told them that this film has not been made to hurt anybody. They also accepted our explanations and we thank them for that. According to their view, their opposition is also fair. If  certain opinions in the film conveys a wrong message, we are also ready to remove such scenes from the film.”

Mersal has opened to record breaking box office collection. Crores have been invested in the making of the film, with thousands of technicians on board. The makers further thank the people behind the film for making it a huge success.

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