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Mohanlal’s Blogpost On Demonetisation Move Draws Brickbats

Actor Mohanlal, who is currently shooting for Major Ravi’s war movie in Rajasthan, praised the central government’s currency roll-back and demonetisation move through a blog-post on Monday. “The course of life is not always smooth. Sacrifice a little for a better India,” he wrote in his blog. “We stand in queues in front of beverage counters and places of worship. There is nothing wrong in doing the same to eradicate corruption,” said the actor in his blog, adding that he always waited in queues in and outside India to get things done.


Lauding PM Narendra Modi, he wrote, “I see it as a surgical strike with good intention – his speech as well as actions that followed. I don’t worship personalities, but I idolise ideas which are honest. I see this decision as one of that. Beyond the initial difficulties I understand this is for a good cause.”

The actor is known for voicing opinions on matters pertaining to the society and the country through his blogging site titled Earlier, he had written a strong-worded post on the Uri terror attack and the subsequent unrest in the country.

Mohanlal’s latest post, however, has not gone down well with the people in the state. On social media, the actor was widely trolled for being ‘elitist’.

VT Balram, MLA from Thrithala constituency, condemned the actor’s post, calling it a ‘Complete Disaster’. Veteran politician VD Satheeshan slammed the actor for being insensitive to the suffering of common man due to the demonetisation police. “How can you compare the queues in front of beverage counters and cinema halls to those in front of banks and ATMs?,’ he asked in a Facebook post. “The people are queueing up for their hard-earned money. This is violation of their basic human rights,” he said.

Satheeshan also accused Mohanlal of blindly trying to appease the ruling party and its leader Narendra Modi through the blogpost.


Interestingly, in 2011, undisclosed assets worth about Rs 30 crores was unearthed by the Income Tax officials in raids conducted at the properties owned by Mohanlal and Mammootty. Following the raid, a case was registered against Mohanlal by the forest department under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972, for keeping an elephant tusk at his home. The tusks were seized by the forest department. Later, the actor obtained special permission from Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) to keep the pair of elephant tusks.