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‘Moondraam Ullaga Por’ Is A Futuristic War Film: Sugan Karrthi

Director Sugan Karrthi’s Moondraam Ullaga Por is a futuristic war film set in 2025. Speaking at the reporters meet, the director said, “In Asia, India and China are the two strongest nations. What happens when these two nations wage a war against each other forms the crux of the story. We had researched the film before shooting began. I think of Moondraam Ullaga Por as a pan-Indian film. ” The director also added that the film would have a positive social message, and would appeal to every Indian citizen.


Richard, the editor of the film, said, “Sound design is an important aspect of a war film. We have taken as much time as needed to mix sounds for Moondraam Ullaga Por.” Music director Ved Shankar, who has scored the music, said that they had used a subtle music score in several scenes and mellowed down the dramatic music score.

Moondraam Ullaga Por stars Sunil Kumar and Akhila Kishore and will release on January 22. Produced by Aartin Frames and TRS Studios, the film will be distributed by Dream Factory.