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Movie Shootings and Screenings Cancelled Tomorrow


The Tamil Nadu Theatre Owner’s Association will close theatres Tuesday in support of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha. Panneerselvam, general secretary, confirmed the news and added, “Our CM is from the film industry and who better to support her than us? If we don’t come out in defense of the honorable CM, it is a great shame indeed. All movie shows in theatres in and around Chennai will be cancelled tomorrow and we hope this action conveys our disapproval to the world!”.

Likewise, the Producers’ Council, the Director’s association and the Nadigar Sangham have also rallied behind Jayalalitha and decided to suspend shooting across the state tomorrow. According to director RK Selvamani, a member, celebrities from the film world have also decided to hold a fast tomorrow to convey their strong disapproval of this ‘unfair judgement’.