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Who Is Mr. X? ENPT Music Composer’s Tweet Chat Makes It Easier To Guess His Identity

Mr X of ENPT

Mr X is probably the most talked about person in the Tamil film industry right now. The identity of the ENPT music composer is not known yet, a shrewd marketing tactic by the film’s director Gautham Menon.


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At a time when the popular response for the two songs from the film Maruvaarthai and the recently released Naan Pizhaippeno, is at an all-time high, the composer took to Twitter to talk with the fans.

First things first, the music composer talked about the mood of ‘Naan Pizhaippeno‘.

With the sleuths out in full force, Mr X had to fend off questions about his identity.

The composer revealed that he looked for exciting work, and not exciting colleagues. Makes sense.

…and also talked about working process he shares with his director, Gautham Vasudev Menon.

The composer confessed that he was not a classically trained musician.

While it was GVM’s idea to keep the composer anonymous, Mr X had similar ideas around the same time as well.

This desire to remain anonymous is so great that it eclipses Google’s serious sleuthing skills

Mr X also confessed that the reason behind his anonymity was his inability to handle attention

While Mr X may be content staying in the shadows, his fans are not content letting him remain so.

Which makes the theory that Darbuka Siva is the mystery composer, all the more credible. A quick glance at the Twitter profile of Darbuka Siva confirms his ability to read Tamil, his support for Arsenal and his iPhone owner status.

Till Menon confirms our assumption though, it’s anybody’s guess.