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Multiplex Association Calls Karnataka Govt’s Rs. 200/- Movie Ticket Cap “Unfair”

The Multiplex Association of India (MAI) has urged the Karnataka government to withdraw its price cap of Rs 200/- per movie ticket at multiplexes and theaters in the state. According to PTI via the Indian Express, the association issued a statement calling the government’s move a “retrograde and unfair step against the interests” of the film industry and people.

The President of the Association, Deepak Asher,said in the statement: “We urge the Karnataka government to withdraw its notification of putting a cap on ticket prices for all cinema theatres in the state at Rs 200 as we believe it is a retrograde and unfair step against the interests of film industry and people.”


Deepak also has called the move “investor unfriendly” and one that could stop the growth of multiplexes in the state. He said it could create financial liabilities for currently functioning multiplexes, who might even consider shutting down.

“The flexibility to decide ticket prices enable multiplexes to optimise occupancies and hence remain financially viable,” he added. Deepak said high ticket prices during weekends helped multiplexes charge less during morning-weekday shows.

The Karnataka government recently capped movie ticket prices at Rs 200/- at all theaters across the state. It also ruled that there would a mandatory screening of a Kannada movie during the primetime slot. 

Pic: Rediff