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“My Acting Offers Have Dried Up”: Parvathy on Her Association With WCC

Actress Parvathy said that her acting offers have dwindled since she became part of the Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) and began questioning the actor’s association in Malayalam film industry.


In an interview about the #MeToo campaign and Bollywood, the Qarib Qarib Singlle star pointed out the main difference in the way Bollywood and the Malayalam film industry has received the movement, “You know why women are coming out in Bollywood? What I noticed, and what I’m jealous of, is that they’re being promised work, they’re being taken care of. You have producers and production houses saying, ‘Come out and speak, you will not lose your job.’ And we don’t have that. See, none of us in the WCC are getting any offers.”

The actress, who is one of the founding members of WCC – an association formed in the wake of the abduction and sexual assault of an actress back in February 2017, thinks that her association with the collective drove people away. “The minute WCC is attached to our name, we’re the odd ones out. The acting offers have taken a direct hit,” she said.

Along with other members of WCC, she had organized a press meet last week to object to the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (A.M.M.A)’s decision to retain the accused actor in the organization. Mohanlal, the president of the organisation had come under sharp criticism from the actresses.


In doing so, she said the women risked a lot of things. “The online attacks, the death threats, and the rape threats – it’s unbelievable that fans associations have turned into these mafia goons who attack you. We’re all scared for our lives; we’re scared for our parents’ lives. If we speak, we don’t know if they’ll burn down our houses.”

The actress also said that she had only one standing acting offer despite having “done movies which have run for months and are super-duper hits.”