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Mysskin Pulls Out Of ‘Thupparivalan 2’; Vishal Will Reportedly Debut As Director Now


Director Mysskin has reportedly pulled out of Thupparivalan 2 starring Vishal. The budget seems to have been the bone of contention, though there are speculations about other disagreements.

Times of India reported an unnamed source as saying that “Mysskin had started location hunting in London in August and had spent about a month-and-a-half there. But when they started shooting in November, there were problems pertaining to location permission… They shot in London till December 11 and returned to India, after spending about Rs. 12 crores for that schedule. That, coupled with this requirement for additional budget, erupted into a huge problem. Tension escalated during a discussion between them last month when Mysskin had refused to direct the film.” The report also quotes Mysskin saying (in all sarcasm), “No, I didn’t ask for 40 crores. I’ve asked 400 crores. I have finished 50 percent of the film in 100 crores. I have asked for another 100 crores for the rest of the film. For the climax portion alone, which will feature a scene of Vishal jumping from a satellite, I want an additional 100 crores. So yes, I have asked for 400 crores.”

Thupparivalan 2, the sequel to the Sherlock Holmes inspired detective thriller, stars Vishal (who plays Kanniyan Poongundran) and Prasanna (as Manohar). Mysskin had said in a statement after the release of the first film, “Everyone gets inspired from something or the other. Edgar Allen Poe came up with the first detective story and then came Sherlock Holmes. There is a thin line between inspiration and plagiarism.” He added that only Vishal and Prasanna’s characters were inspired from the novel. The sequel will have music by Ilaiyaraaja and cinematography by Nirav Shah. The first installment, Thupparivalan, was launched in March 2016, and released to huge box office success in September 2017.

Vishal will now direct the rest of the film. The actor-producer in the past has said that when he turns director he’d like to work with Vijay.

Mysskin seems to have caused the other actor in this film some heartburn as well. Recently in an interview with The Hindu, Prasanna, whose Mafia is out now, said, “We were shooting for Thupparivaalan 2 in London. I had asked Mysskin to write a stronger role this time, which he did. There was some discussion related to costumes with a London-based designer. Mysskin was giving inputs and I began to play the middleman’s role because I understand him better. I ended up picking clothes for Vishal and the costume designer asked who I was. Even before I could answer, Mysskin jumped in and said that I’m also an actor who plays a ‘sidekick’. That destroyed me. Of all people, I didn’t want Mysskin to use that word, having known me for years.”