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Nadigar Sangam Building Plans Temporarily Stalled After High Court Order

The Nadigar Sangam has temporarily stalled the construction of its new premises, following an order from the Madras High Court. The order was issued in response to a complaint filed by Srirangan and Annamalai of Vidyodaya Colony, who alleged that the Nadigar Sangam had encroached on 33 feet of public road connecting Prakasam Road and Habibullah Road in the T Nagar area of Chennai.

In a court hearing earlier this week, a bench comprising of Justice Kirubakaran and Parthiban looked at documents that supported the Nadigar Sangam’s claim to the 33 feet of road. The Sangam has submitted all the required documents to support its case.

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The court has also appointed an overseer to investigate the Sangam’s claim to the property. The overseer will submit a detailed report after surveying the disputed property and related official documents. The Sangam has been ordered to pay a sum of Rs 1 lakh to the overseer.

The Sangam cannot now go ahead with its construction plans until the overseer submits his report. However, they can proceed with the construction of the basement alone, ruled the High Court bench said.

The court will examine the case again on June 12.