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Nadigar Sangam To Form Committee To Ensure Safety Of Women Artistes

Vishal, Nasser, Rajkiran at Nadigar Sangam's Diwali Gift Distribution Event for the Members

The South Indian Artists Association (Nadigar Sangam) on Sunday announced that a committee will be set up to ensure the safety of women theatre and cinema artistes.

The Sangam issued a statement in which it said that it wanted women to work in a conducive environment “To protect women from sexual harassment and abuses at shooting spots and stages, and in order to make the artists feel comfortable in the field, the association will take necessary actions. The association will focus on this issue and will form a new committee to monitor such sexual harassment issues.”

Speaking to Silverscreen, Mr. Nasser, President of the association told “We are planning to set up a committee and the statement has been given regarding it. So when it takes concrete shape, we will announce further details.”


Earlier, when speaking in a promotional event of Sandakozhi 2, the General Secretary of the association, as well as President of the TFPC, Vishal Krishna said, “Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) is forming a three member committee in all the Tamil film industry associations, including the Nadigar Sangam, FEFSI, and the Film Chamber. We are forming a women’s council to ensure the safety of women in the industry. We will make sure that the victim gets justice. From junior artistes to leading actors, everybody will be treated the same”

The #MeToo movement has seen women from the Tamil film fraternity and other media fields come forward and share their stories of sexual harassment. Chinmayi, Sri Ranjani, Leena Manimekalai, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan and director Usha have been leading the movement in the industry.