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Nadigar Sangam Warns Radha Ravi Over Nayanthara Comments

Radha Ravi At The 'Kaliyuga Karnan' Award Event For Kalaimamani Abirami Ramanathan

The Nadigar Sangam has issued a letter of warning to actor Radha Ravi after his deeply misogynistic speech at the trailer launch of Nayanthara–starrer Kolaiyudhir Kaalam. The actor slut-shamed Nayanthara, an actress who has held her own in a male-dominated industry and has the market clout to earn an early morning show on the day of release.


Speaking exclusively to Silverscreen, actor Nasser, President of the South Indian Artistes Association, popularly called Nadigar Sangam, said that Radha Ravi was issued a warning letter after yesterday’s incident. “It’s nice that a momentum has been gained. We have already sent him a letter that he is going overboard, and that he has to rein in himself. If he does not, he will lose the cooperation of the Sangam.”

Asked if this was done following any complaint from Nayanthara, Nasser said that the Sangam no longer waits for a formal complaint. “If anyone is uncomfortable in any incident, it automatically becomes a complaint, and we take cognizance of that discomfort.”
Meanwhile, a source close to actress Nayanthara say she is contemplating future course of action. “She is planning to react, but how and in what form is being considered,” the source said.

Even if a statement is put out, the comments for the video leave you wondering whom the statement is for and what is going to be proved, because, many handles have openly indulged in slut-shaming, taking refuge behind the anonymity that social media offers.

On Twitter, director Vignesh Shivan, Nayanthara’s partner, expressed his angst and helplessness saying “no one would support or take action”. He was sadder that a section of the audience clapped and laughed along as Radha Ravi spewed his brand of venom on stage.

Earlier today, Nayanthara’s frequent collaborator KJR Studios, which is also backing director Sarjun’s much-awaited Nayanthara-starrer Airaa, said in a statement that they would not cast him in any of their films and would advice associates and friends in the industry to not do so either too. They also put out a clip from Airaa, where Nayanthara’s character gives it back promptly when another tries to imply she’s reached where she has not just because of her talent.


An official statement from the producer of Kolaiyudhir Kaalam, V Mathiyalagan, is expected tomorrow. “I apologise for what happened yesterday. Everyone on stage spoke forgetting why they had been invited. It was way out of turn and things went out of hand. I grasped the full meaning of what he said when I saw the video later,” he told Silverscreen.