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Nadigar Sangam Will Not Interfere In TFPC Elections

Amid rumours of Nadigar Sangam’s interference in the upcoming elections for Tamil Film Producers Council, the Sangam has sent a statement to the press today claiming its non-interference in the TFPC elections.


“Producer’s Council is a very big organisation, which is also the backbone of the film industry. Its members will decide its office-bearers, and Nadigar Sangam will not interfere in the affairs of the TFPC at any cost. But a few actors who are members/office bearers of the Nadigar Sangam are also members of the Producers council. The stand they take in the Producer’s council election and their interviews in media about the same should be viewed as their activities as a member of the Producer Council and they should not be connected with the Nadigar Sangam,” said the statement.

Moreover, the statement also requested the TFPC administration to not drag the Nadigar Sangam in their issues, and that they wish to work amicably with the council.

Actor Vishal had said in his recent interview  with Silverscreen that he will definitely participate in the Producer Council elections and ‘overtake it’ just like they did with the Nadigar Sangam as he felt that the TFPC needed strong reforms.