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Nagarjuna Admits He Can’t Always Produce His Sons’ Films

Actor Nagarjuna, who is producing his son Naga Chaitanya’s next film Ra Randoi Veduka Chudham, told Deccan Chronicle in a recent interview that he can’t always produce his sons’ films. Nagarjuna said he could only produce their films one at a time. His younger son, Akhil, is also an actor in the Telugu film industry. 


“I can produce one film each with my sons in a year, as there is a lot of pressure,” he said. He said he learned the different jobs of a filmmaker while working on Bhai, and admits the film flopped because he was busy with other work. “I was a bit busy with my other business ventures and was not concentrating on the film. It ended up being a huge flop, and from then onwards, I decided to get completely involved,” he said.

However, he believes a producer’s job is to put everything on track in the team and instill a positive environment. “He should know what is happening on the sets and if somebody is doing something wrong, the producer has to direct them,” he adds. 

Nagarjuna has been offered a role in Sukumaran’s cinematic adaptation of Vasudevan Nair’s Randamoozham. Titled Mahabharata, Nagarjuna has been offered the role of Karna. Mohanlal plays Bheema in the film. 


“Vasudevan Nair is one of the best screenplay writers in the country and I read the book based on which this film is being made. They have approached me for the role of Karna, but I don’t know how long it will take for things to shape up. But one thing is for sure – whether it is a small or big role, it is important for the film,” he said.

Ra Randoi Veduka Chudham also stars Rakul Preet Singh and is slated to release on 26 May.