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Namitha Wants Parents To Educate Their Children About Sexual Abuse

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Actress Namitha wants parents to talk to their children about sexual abuse. The actress spoke at the audio launch of Saaya, and revealed that she found the recent incidents of child sexual abuse ‘scary’. She added that it was up to the parents to make sure their children are adequately equipped to confront such a situation.

“Parenting is very important at a time like this. 2 out of 5 kids are sexually abused. And the people who do this are within the family. Many of you can be sexually abused kids. Age is no bar here. So, parenting does not only mean providing quality education. We should try and tell kids about ‘good touch, bad touch’. We should tell them in their language. Language that they can easy understand. Parents should sit with them and try to teach them about all this, so that they can be prepared.”


The actress admitted that while she was no parenting expert, she was concerned about the rise in such incidents. “I am not an expert on this. I have three dogs and I am a dog parent. I look after my two nieces. When I see their innocent faces, I want to do something to make the world safer for them and for others like them. So that’s why I am talking about this here.”

Namitha also noted that most celebrities do not talk about this issue because it was controversial.