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‘Kasav’ Producer Mohan Agashe: “How Long Do We Wait For A Release Date?”

Marathi film Kasav is still struggling to get a release date. The film is currently touring the festival circuit and even won the coveted Golden Lotus Award  at the recent National Awards ceremony.

In an interview with the Indian Express, the producer of the movie Dr Mohan Agashe (who was also seen in a prominent role) said that the team is still on the look-out for a distribution partner. “Zee films has shown some interest and we are in negotiations. But I still can’t predict the outcome,” he said.


Agashe admitted that finding proper distribution channels for Kasav has proved to be tricky. “How long do we wait? Shouldn’t all good art be supported? Small releases were possible earlier but with large multiplexes, it is essential to have a big release and that costs money. Once a big budget film is ready, its distributors book all the screens at multiplexes. No other film can run for that first week. Today, the programme schedule of theatres is done by people who have contracts with theatre owners. For example, a day before the release of another Marathi film Astu, which I acted in and co-produced, I was not even aware of which theatre would screen the movie and at what time,” he further stated.

Kasav was made on a budget of 1.5 crore. The idea of the film was conceived in 2015 and shot in 2016. The movie has been up for release since September 2016. The movie was screened at the International Film Festival of Mumbai (MAMI, Oct 2016), Kolkata (November 2016), Thiruvananthapuram (December 2016), Bengaluru (January 2017) and the New York Indian film festival (April 2017).


Pic: Twitter and Mid Day