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Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Tweet Hints At Racism In The Film Industry

Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, best known for his off-beat roles and method acting in films such as Gangs of Wasseypur and Raman Raghav, took to social media not-so-subtly hinting at the inherent racism the film industry harbours. He wrote about how he has realised he isn’t “fair and handsome”.

His cryptic Tweet resulted in Twitterati sending love and support. 

Director Hansal Mehta, too, sent words of encouragement to the actor.

Others responded in gifs and memes.

Incidentally, an Indian Express report from last year quoted the actor as saying that no sort of racial bias exists in the industry. “I think there is no racism in this film industry. They are only in need of talent, and though it takes time, if you are talented, you will get your due. I am thankful to be part of this industry,” he had said.

Siddiqui isn’t the first Bollywood actor to realise the kind of racism Bollywood seems to sponsor. In April, Abhay Deol, in a series of posts on social media, put up screenshots of actors/actresses in fairness cream commercials. 

WE ARE NOT A RACIST COUNTRY!I will prove it to you. In the pic below John holds a card with shades from white to dark….

Posted by Abhay Deol on Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Rajkummar Rao, too, asserted that he would never endorse a fairness cream thanks to the wrong notions about beauty they promote. Rao’s and Deol’s comments came on the heels of the racist attacks on Nigerians in New Delhi, and Tarun Vijay’s remarks on South Indians earlier this year.