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“Neenga Shut Up Pannunga” Is The Promotional Song For The Jai-Anjali Film ‘Balloon’

Bigg Boss star Oviya’s popular catchphrase, “Neenga Shut Up Pannunga”, is now a song in the thriller film Balloon, which stars Jai and Anjali. The song has lyrics written by Arunraja Kamaraj, is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, and sung by Anirudh.

Sinish, who is directing Balloon, told Silverscreen, “’Neenga Shut Up Pannunga’ is a western number sung by Anirudh. It was recorded at Yuvan’s studio three days ago. This love song is a promotional song, and will not feature in the film.


As Balloon is a thriller, we had earlier planned for a promotional song. After this phrase of Oviya’s became popular, Arunraja Kamaraj wrote a song based on it.”

He added, “I’m also a fan of Oviyam [from Bigg Boss]. She has taught us life lessons that we need to pay attention to.”

Further, “The tidbits of ‘Neenga Shut Up Pannunga’ will be released on August 29 and another single track, ‘Mazhai Megam Neeyadi’, will be released on August 31 for Yuvan’s birthday.”

Balloon is scheduled to release on September 27.