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Film Academy Mulls Rule That Would Force Filmmakers To Choose Between Oscar And Emmy Submission

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences is mulling a new rule that would force the award submitters to pick between the Oscars and the Emmys, reports The Hollywood Reporter. If a film is nominated for one of them, then it rules out its submission from the other.

If the new rule gets approved, it would be implemented by the next Oscar season. To put it simply, if submitters have been shortlisted or nominated for an Oscar, their submission will be rejected from being considered for an Emmy.

A Film Academy spokesperson told THR that the organisation would not be able to comment on the matter “until rule changes for the 91st Academy Awards are formally discussed, approved and announced at the end of March.”


The article also explains “double dipping”, the act or practice of receiving more than one income or collecting double benefits, in the form of Netflix’s Mudbound. The film has earned four Oscar nominations this year. Initially, the Academy’s board of governors were concerned that the film could earn a Best Picture nomination and then go on to Emmy nominations, which risked diluting the Oscar brand, reports THR.