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Nithya Menen: “It Takes Courage To Say No To Commercial Films”

Nithya Menen finds it difficult to stand her ground when it comes to choosing roles. The actress said that while her decision has proved worthwhile, saying no to a big film is difficult nonetheless.

“In terms of holding my ground, it’s definitely not easy. Even today, when I do a film with a star, people say, ‘Wow, congrats for getting this opportunity!’ What they don’t know is that, several times before, I have chosen to say no to similar films. To make that choice is tough because everyone opposes you and you have people saying, ‘How can you say no to that?’ So, you sort of stand alone. But I have always had the courage to do that, even if it means I’m going against the popular trend.”

Menen also said that the reason many actors play safe in interviews, is because they get punished more for stating the truth.

“People often say that actors are fake; that they never say things as they see it and always have stereotypical answers. But then, if you speak your mind and say what you feel, you get punished for just stating the truth. You are not insulting anyone but often, your words get twisted and people get aggravated. So much that you feel like it’s not worth saying the truth and it’s better to stick to stereotypical answers.”

The actor dismissed reports that she was planning to make her directorial debut shortly.

“It’s not true at all. I have no idea where the news came from, but people are taking it very seriously (laughs). I am happy that they are excited to see my first directorial venture. It’s encouraging. But it’s not true. I still am not satisfied with what I have done as an actress. I want to do more and maybe after that, I would try direction.”

Nithya plays one of the three female leads in Vijay 61. The film is slated to release on Deepavali this year.