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No Discrimination Against Women In Bollywood, Says Farah Khan

When women all over are calling for equal pay, choreographer-turned-director Farah Khan recently said at an event that there is no discrimination against women in Bollywood. 


According to a report in Hindustan Times, Farah Khan, speaking at a cultural workshop in Mumbai, emphasized that there’s “complete equality” in the industry. The 52-year-old director said: “It’s not like if you are a boy, you will have to do more work or if you are a girl, less work will be given to you; in fact, girls within the industry are more hard-working and have surpassed the boys.

The Happy New Year director also added that in the “technical field”, men and women end up doing the same amount of work: “It requires similar skill set and knowledge, so I do not understand when someone tells me I am a woman director. I am a director! I would like to stress that we need more women DOPs in the industry, and that should be encouraged.”