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‘Odiyan’ Teaser: Just Enough To Keep You Gripped

Mohanlal Odiyan,

The first teaser stayed true to its meaning. There was not even a glimpse of its male lead, and was just seconds of the camera following actor Mohanlal as he walked through a narrow lane.

Odiyan dusts off a long, black shawl and wraps it around himself, as people in hill stations are wont to do. It’s for the drama, the style, more than anything else, and it works.

The whole atmosphere is broody and menacing, staying true to the film’s dark magic theme. The camera stays on Mohanlal’s Manikyan as he walks towards his home. Dust and leaves swirl around his feet as the music builds to a crescendo.

He introduces himself as Manikyan. And quickly corrects it to – Odiyan Manikyan. Sorcerer Manikyan.


“Let’s see how my tricks play out. The game has only just begun,” he says.

All in all, the teaser does a good job of keeping the suspense alive. We don’t yet know what Manickyan does and who he is, but from what we can see of the teaser, he is not the kind of man one wants to encounter in a dark alley.


Manju Warrier, though, is no where to be seen. Let’s hope it’s just because she has the sort of awesome/kickass role that would be spoilt if it was revealed so early. And not because her role isn’t important enough.

VA Shreekumar Menon is at the helm of this movie. It is scheduled to release on October 11 this year. Sana Althaf, Prakash Raj, Siddique, Innocent, Ashish Vidyarthi star in this project that is produced by Aashirwaad Cinemas’ Anthony Perumbavoor. Music is by M Jayachandran with Sam CS stepping in for the background score.

The film will release on October 11.