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Olu Teaser Out: After Five Years, Shaji N Karun Comes Back With A Fantasy Drama

A bearded Shane Nigaam rowing a boat emerges from a mangrove cluster – this is the opening sequence of acclaimed director Shaji N Karun’s new film Olu (She).


Nigaam plays a painter in the movie who roams around in his boat during the night. His grandmother cautions him against rowing late into the night lest he might run into ‘her’ who lives underwater.

The teaser then provides a glimpse of the underwater world. Aided by some tacky VFX that helps in creating the aquarium-like décor, She asks him from the seabed not to block the moonlight.

When asked her name, she says “Maya.” Maya which means illusion is what another character thinks of the strange relationship Nigaam has with the sea-dwelling woman and calls him mad for the same reason. But for him, ‘She’ is the goddess of his art.

The teaser then proceeds to other characters pondering over profound questions like “Can’t you love me without seeing my face?” and “Is it possible to love two people at the same time?”

The teaser comes to a close with Nigaam about to wander into the water even though she has forbidden him from  getting into the lake.


Shaji N Karun, whose last film was the Jayaram-starrer Swapaanam which got a lukewarm reception, returns with Olu after a gap of five years. His first film Piravi had won the Camera d Or at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival. His second film Swaham was also in the competition at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival.

Esther Anil of Drishyam fame plays the title character alongside Nigaam who was last seen in this year’s critically acclaimed Eeda. Other cast members include Kani Kusrithi, Kadambari Shivaya and Kanchana Indiran.

The movie is produced by AV Anoop under the banner of AVA Productions which produced Guppy and Ezra in the past.