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Oru Kuppa Kathai: ‘This Story Needs To Be Told,’ Says Director Kaali Rangasamy

The upcoming Tamil indie film Oru Kuppa Kathai is ready to hit screens this weekend. Directed by debutant director Kaali Rangaswamy, Oru Kuppa Kathai is a story of the downtrodden.


The film will see National Award winning choreographer Dinesh Kumar making his debut as a hero. Dinesh, who is excited to start his acting career, said during a press conference, “This is a special film for me, not just because it’s the first film I’m acting, but almost all the cast and crew in the film are new to the industry and have the passion to make this film come alive.”

When he was asked about his landing the role, he said, “Even I doubted if the director mistook me for somebody else, but jokes aside, the subject is haunting and made me realise that it will definitely make a mark in Kollywood.”

                                                                  Actor Dinesh Kumar during the press meet of Oru Kuppa Kathai

Director Kaali Rangasamy also mentioned that the subject should intrigue the audience. “Initially, while writing the script for the movie, I was under a lot of personal pressure if this movie will appeal to the audience. Once the script was written, I was clear about the cast and crew. I was also concerned about how to reach the film to the audience, but somehow everything fell into place,” he said.

                                                  Director Kaali Rangasamy during the press meet of Oru Kuppa Kathai

Rangasamy, while talking to Silversccreen, said he made sure that he was making the right choice with this film. “I strongly believed that this story needs to be told because the movie shows two extremes of the society, the poor and the elite and how things change between them.” The director also revealed that he’s in discussions for his next film. “Next movie will be a light-hearted take on the lives in a village with comedy and romance,” he added.

The film will see a number of debutants, including actor Kiran, who is the antagonist and Deepan Chakravarthy, who scored the background music for the film.

Kiran said, “I always wanted to get into movies and my friends were the ones who suggested that I should move to Chennai for better opportunities and when I heard the script, I was impressed and considered acting as the villain.”

                                                         Actor Kiran during the press meet of Oru Kuppa Kathai

Deepan Chakravarthy at 25 is one of the youngest members of the team. “I was provoked with emotions especially over the slum scenes in the movie and decided what type of background score would bring out similar kind of emotions from the audience.”

                                                    Deepan Chakravarthy during the press meet of Oru Kuppa Kathai

Oru Kuppa Kathai is produced by Mohamed Aslam under the banner of Film Box Productions and is distributed by Red Giants Movies. Music for the film is done by Joshua Sridhar. The film will release on May 25.

Photographs by Sriram Narasimhan