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P Vasu, Bharathiraja Support Jallikattu

P Vasu has come out in support of Jallikattu.

As the debate on the age-old sport rages on, P Vasu told Silverscreen, “We have been able to conduct this for hundreds of years. I don’t understand why we’re being targeted like this. Pongal and Jallikattu are synonymous. As a Tamilian, our inability to conduct this sport for the last few years have made me feel very bad. The last few Pongals have not been good at all.”

In a press statement, P Vasu quipped, “Ramzan na Biriyani, Christmas na Cake and Pongal na Jallikattu.”


Meanwhile, director Bharathiraja has also echoed Vasu’s statements. “What is right in banning a 4000-year-old sport? It is not cruelty against animals. We have never heard of a bull being killed during Jallikattu. When such is the juncture, asking for a ban on Jallikattu is not right. Birds and animals are being caged in zoos inside doors. Can people let them out? Can those elephants and horses in central and state government get free? Will the sniffer dogs in Police departments be set free? And if so, can you force people to become vegetarians?”

“In the name of the ban, native bull species are being allowed to go extinct. With no bulls, the cows are injected to give birth to calves. Their milk turns poison. Foreign intervention is visible here.”

He also said that it was time to let the bulls run free. “Let’s resolve to ensure that our culture and tradition is not lost.”