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Pahlaj Nihalani Calls Anurag Basu A Liar

The CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani has called filmmaker Anurag Basu “a liar” for naming the Censor Board as a reason for why skipped a cancer awareness event. Basu was supposed to attend the event in Mumbai on Wednesday, but said he had been stuck at the Censor Board office. In response, Nihalani said Basu was lying about being at the CBFC office on Wednesday, “I am sorry to say that he’s lying. Anurag Basu has not come to us at all. Neither on Wednesday or any time in the recent past. Next time I suggest he use some other excuse for his non-appearance. The CBFC won’t be a scapegoat for the film fraternity’s failings.”


Nihalani further said, “Why do filmmakers think they can continue to make a scapegoat out of the Board? So far, our name was used to cover up for delays in releases. Now, Basu is using the CBFC’s name as an excuse for his absence at an event as serious and sensitive as cancer awareness.”

Anurag Basu is currently wrapping up Jagga Jasoos, which Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, and Adah Sharma. The film has been in production since early 2014, and is slated to release on 7 April 2017.