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Pahlaj Nihalani Sends Legal Notice to IIFA Organisers

Pahlaj Nihalani, IIFA

CBFC chairman Pahlaj Nihalani has sent a five-page legal notice to the organisers of IIFA, for allegedly mocking him. 

A story in MidDay says that Wizcraft, the company that produces the IIFA awards, has been sent a notice by Suren Uppal, Nihalani’s lawyer. The notice claims that the awards show misused a picture of Nihalani, who was also referred to as a watchman, with an intent to increase the show’s TRP ratings, and to create an adverse atmosphere against Nihalani. 

Reacting to the notice, Sabbas Joseph of Wizcraft said, “There is no statement or event in the show that warrants any notice. Pahlajji will get a better understanding of the show once he sees it. We have always respected Pahlajji, who has originally been on the IIFA advisory board, and has always been (of) help. I am sure it is a misunderstanding that will be corrected once Pahlajji sees the show on television again.”


The notice demands that IIFA remove the remarks from the show’s telecast immediately. Further, Nihalani has demanded an unconditional apology from all television networks, and a promise that they will not ‘malign’ him further. 

Earlier, when Dangal did not make it to the list of any awards at IIFA, Nihalani had called the show an international farce. However, the IIFA team had clarified that Dangal had not entered the contest at all.