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Paravai Muniyamma’s Health Woes: Actors and Journalists Rush to Aid

Paravai Muniyamma, the 72-year-old singer-actor has been bed-ridden for the past few months. A report in Kumudham stated that Muniyamma, who hails from Paravai village near Madurai is in poor health, and is not able to afford medication at the local government hospital.

As news spread, many journalists and actors took to social media to create awareness and find a solution to Muniyamma’s woes. Actor Vishal, who took note of the issue, later tweeted that he’s gotten in touch with her.

Journalists Lata Srinivasan and Ramesh also tweeted requesting donations for the same cause.

Paravai Muniyamma began her film career with Dhool (2002) and rose to fame with her singing and acting. She has acted in about 25 films, and was last seen in Maan Karate (2014).