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Paresh Rawal Tweets About Using Arundhati Roy & Sagarika Ghosh As Human Shields In Kashmir; Reactions Pour In

Actor and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member Paresh Rawal has tweeted that award-winning writer and activist Arundhati Roy should be treated as a human shield in Kashmir. Last month, a Kashmiri man was tied to a jeep and used as a human shield against stone pelters.

Creating a Twitter storm with his tweet, Rawal also suggested that journalist Sagarika Ghose could also be used as a human shield.

He received flak for comments that many viewed as utterly distasteful and an attempt to incite violence. Among those who reacted to the actor’s tweets were senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh.

The human shield footage was among a series of videos that surfaced in Kashmir last month, showing clashes between protesters and security personnel in Kashmir. A young man was strapped to the front of an army jeep as protection from stone-throwers. The video led to wide condemnation. The army subsequently launched a legal inquiry against a Major implicated in the incident.

While Arundhati Roy isn’t on Twitter, Sagarika Ghose, who remains a constant target of those who support BJP, sarcastically reacted to Rawal’s comments.

Roy, an award-winning writer, has been fairly vocal about her views on Kashmir and the Indian army’s role in it. Her second novel, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, comes out next month, almost two decades after her debut novel, God of Small Things, won the Booker Prize, in 1997.

Feature Image: India.com/Hourdose.com