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Parineeti Chopra: “If I Step Out In Chappals, They Will Circle My Footwear”

Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti Chopra says that the media has been over-analysing her break from films, and that there was very little scope for actresses to make mistakes. In a story on IndToday, she said, “People write all sorts of things about an actor taking a sabbatical. If I go scubadiving, people ask if I am doing it for a film. Am I any less of a human being because I am an actor? In this age of paparazzi, there is little scope to make mistakes. If my feet hurts and I step out in chappals, they will circle my footwear and question why I wore them.”


The actress took a break from films after Kill Dil, as she wanted to work on her fitness and build a house. She says, “I took time off for barely 10 months; I wanted to work on my fitness. I wanted to set up my new house. There was no strategy for my return. When ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ was offered, I liked the story and came on board. I wasnt taking a break to analyse my choice of films. Bringing variety to the table is a constant endeavour.” 

However, a story in Times Of India quotes Parineeti saying, “I really feel an artiste should take a break to grow. It helps you to be a little reflective. It makes you understand yourself better.” 


“I am much more comfortable as an actor now. I understand the technicalities better. You have to keep learning every day as films are evolving everyday. But definitely I am more at ease and know myself a little better as a performer,” she said. “Success and failure do bother me. We don’t make films for ourselves, we make it for the audience. We do want our films to work and want people to get entertained by us. It is very important for me as an artiste.”

Meri Pyaari Bindu, starring Parineeti and Ayushmann Khuranna, and directed by Akshay Roy, releases this weekend. It is produced by YashRaj films.