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Parineeti Denies Fallout With Sonakshi

Actress Parineeti Chopra has tweeted a strongly worded response to a report which claimed that she and actress Sonakshi Sinha had a fallout over a singing performance at the recently held IIFA.


According to the report, when ‘Junior Shotgun’ (as Sinha is affectionately known) took the stage to sing Sawaar Loon from her film Lootera, Parineeti was annoyed with the organisers for choosing Sinha over herself. The report further claimed that being a classically trained singer herself, it appeared that Parineeti expected to be offered the chance of showcasing her own musical talents, and was left furious when that didn’t happen.

Parineeti subsequently tweeted that she was friends with everyone: “Don’t try and spoil our reationships with each other. All [of] us actors are friends. We support each other. BELIEVE IT ONCE AND FOR ALL!”