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Parvathamma Rajkumar Dies At 78

Parvathamma, Kannada producer and wife of acting legend Rajkumar, died earlier today. She was 78.

Parvathamma had been admitted to the hospital around two weeks ago when she complained of breathlessness. At Bangalore’s MS Ramaiah Hospital, she was administered treatment for renal failure and breathing issues. She was reportedly on life support.

While Parvathamma’s sons – Shivrajkumar and Puneeth – had told the press that she was improving, she suffered  a sudden setback at 4:40 AM this morning.

A memorial meeting is planned for later this week, reports indicate.

Parvathamma married Rajkumar at the age of 13. Born in Mysore district, she was known for her strong opinions on Kannadiga culture and the need to maintain it.

She established Vajreshwari Combines (later Poornima Enterprises) as a stepping stone for her family’s entry into film production. Rajkumar starrer, Trimurthi, marked her debut as producer.


Through this company, she produced over 80 films, a majority of them starring husband Rajkumar, or sons – Puneeth, Shivrajkumar and Raghavendra.

Parvathamma was also known for introducing popular heroines. Malashri, Prema, Rakshita, Ramya are a few actresses who made their debut through her productions, and went on to become stars.

For her work in the field of cinema, she received the Kannada Rajyotsava Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Government of Karnataka, and also a Suvarna Award.

Pic: Bangalore Mirror