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Pasanga Team In Kamarkat

Pasanga actors Sriram, Kishore, Kutty Mani and Pandi have signed their fourth film together. The young actors are a part of Kamarkat, which was launched earlier this month.They are also currently working on the thriller Vajram, which focusses on corruption in the education sector.


Kamarkat is also  a thriller and follows a group of boys who do the impossible. Director Ramakrishnan tells us that the plot of the film is based on the old adage – ‘Never judge a person by his appearance’. “The central characters in Kamarkat are young boys who are often underestimated due to their youth and size. When trouble comes calling, they save the day. I felt that the Pasanga team would fit the characters to a T as they are good actors and are popular as well!”

Faisal composes the music for the film while Sridhar handles the cinematography.