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PL Thenappan To File Defamation Suit Against T Rajendar

Producer PL Thenappan at Director Ramanarayanan's Funeral

PL Thenappan has said that he would file a defamation suit against T Rajendran for some remarks that the latter made recently.  T Rajendar had earlier filed a Police complaint against Thenappan, alleging that the producer claims to have the remake rights of Manmadhan and Vallavan. Both these films’ rights remain with Simbu Cine Arts, TR said.


Thenappan however says that the remake rights of the film were with him. “I have the proof for what I say. I can back up my statements. I don’t know what else I have to say about this matter,” he said.

He sold them in 2016 to a company called SN Media.

Thenappan says that he asked Silambarasan to direct Vallavan and that he has been paying for that decision ever since. “Even now I am paying off debts incurred by that film. There was huge loss for me.”

The producer says that Silambarasan has had issues with producers of most of the films he has starred in. “There are countless stories of producers who worked with him and had to suffer huge debts. It’s a thing with him,” he said.


“I was willing to overlook all of that since I just want to do my work. But recently they’ve dredged up the past and in such a unprofessional manner. That is why I had to speak out. If T Rajendar says one more word about me or my production house or does anything to defame the reputation of me and my firm, I will file a defamation suit against him.”

T Rajendar’s spokesperson says that the complaint has now been taken up by the Police. “It is being investigated and we will all know the truth soon. Till that point, we have nothing to say in the matter.”