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Ponniyin Selvan to be Made in 2D

Ponniyin Selvan, one of the most read Tamil novels, will be made as a 2D animation film. At a press meet that was held today, director Karthikeyan said that the team has begun the spadework to present Kalki’s novel in animation. “We have handpicked talented animation artistes across India. As an animation specialist myself, I understand how difficult it is to make Ponniyin Selvan a feature film. Even to make Vandhiya Devan’s (the protagonist) hair move in the air, we should visualise and execute it flawlessly,” said Karthikeyan.


Producer Saravanaraja of Five Elements observed that Ponniyin Selvan, despite being one of the most beautiful novels, is not celebrated by youngsters. “So, for Ponniyin Selvan to reach them, we must use the method that they would best enjoy. 2D animation will grab their attention.”

Ponniyin Selvan 2D will release during Pongal 2017, and Saravanaraja plans to hire talented musicians and lyricists from Kollywood. Popular actors are said to lend their voices to important characters. The film is being made on a budget of Rs 15 crores.