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Prabhu Deva Saw His Entire Life Flash In Front Of His Eyes In Recent Health Scare

Actor Prabhu Deva, suffered a health scare last week while shooting for a song for director Vijay’s horror-comedy Devi(L) (Abhinetri in Telugu, Tutak Tutak Tutiya in Hindi). Prabhu Deva was reportedly in excruciating pain for five hours after he was temporarily paralysed.


“I was completely paralysed. I didn’t know what happened. During one of the dance moves, I felt something give way in my back. And before I knew it, I was down on the floor,” he told Deccan Chronicle, before jokingly adding that while other actors injured themselves performing stunts, he injured himself doing what he loves the most – dancing.

The actor-dancer has decided to take things easy for a while. “I’ve been pushing the boundaries of dancing, trying out new steps all the time. Maybe now, I need to be more careful. I was back on the sets, but my hands wouldn’t go up to where the dance steps required them to,” he said.

Prabhu Deva previously suffered a minor wrist injury during the shooting of a song for Bollywood film Oh My God. However, it was this recent injury that put things in perspective for him. “Whether it is fights, dances or emotional scenes, please don’t overdo them. Nothing is worth one’s health. When I was on the floor, my life flashed through my head. I thought of my two sons’ future. That’s when I decided I will be careful in the future,” he confessed.


Last seen in an acting role 10 years ago, his latest – Devi(L), the trilingual marks the actor’s comeback to  Tamil cinemas. However, he was seen in a directorial role in movies like Pokkiri, Villu, Engeyum Kaadhal, et al. His upcoming film is said to be a horror-thriller, focusing on the relationship between a husband and wife. Prabhu Deva plays Tamannaah’s husband in the film.

Prabhu Deva also has a directorial project in the pipeline.

Devi(L) is slated for a 7 October release this year.