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Prayaga and Naga For Pisaasu

Naga and Prayaga Martin make their acting debut with Pisaasu, directed by Mysskin. The movie would reportedly lend an “unusual twist to ghost stories”. “Ghosts are stereotyped here; so when there’s a supernatural entity onscreen, everyone gets scared. I’ve attempted to subvert this with my movie…when you see the pisaasu in my film, you’ll want to find someone like her to love.” Dancer Prayaga has performed several tough stunts for her role. “In one scene, she was raised to a height of seventy feet and she co-operated with us till we got the shot right! Even when she suffered an injury during filming, she continued working. She was actually happy that the shot got canned perfectly.”


Naga is a film technology student from London and spent close to eight months with Mysskin. “We grew close during filming and when shooting wrapped up, he hugged me and cried like a baby,” said the director. This movie also marks the composing debut of Arol Kuroli, whose music captivated Mysskin. “I heard Arol’s work and immediately wanted to get him onboard. Ilaiyaraaja sir is like my ‘appa‘ and will always be there for me. In fact, I got Arol to work for Pisaasu only after I informed Ilaiyaraaja appa.”

Pisaasu is now in post-production and will be released soon. Director Bala has produced the film on a grand scale, according to Mysskin. A martial arts expert from Bangkok was brought in specially for the climax sequence. “Bala didn’t even bat an eyelid when I told him that we’d gone over budget. This is exactly the kind of freedom that I expect for all my films.”