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“‘Jagga Jasoos’ Was A Complicated Project & That’s Why It Took Time”: Composer Pritam

Composer Pritam was recently criticised by Rishi Kapoor for delivering the music for Jagga Jasoos late. Reacting to the criticism in an interview, he said:

 “I have spent enough time in the industry to not believe any interview verbatim. Unless I get a personal message, I don’t believe in anything. Rishi ji is somebody I respect a lot; he is a senior, I’ve grown up watching his films. On top of it, he is Ranbir’s dad. I am in love with Ranbir for his talent and the person he is.”

“It was a complicated project and that’s why it took time. It’s not easy to take up a subject like that and live with it for over four years. Anurag is more passionate than I am. All of us did multiple projects during that time, but he didn’t do anything else,” he said.


“There was nothing more good, challenging or more fun than Jagga Jasoos. I am really proud of the film. This one is for posterity and I think it will survive time. Anurag is a genius. I’ve worked with so many filmmakers, and he is one of the best we have. He is not only the master in direction and screenplay, but also good in all the other aspects of filmmaking.”

Jagga Jasoos was Anurag Basu’s second film with Ranbir Kapoor. It marked Ranbir’s production debut and failed to make it big at the box office.