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Priya Prakash Varrier’s ‘Oru Adaar Love’ To Have A New Climax

Priya Prakash Varrier’s debut movie, Oru Adaar Love, which released on Valentine’s Day, will have a revised climax from Wednesday. The makers re-shot the climax following negative feedback from the viewers.


According to India Today, Director Omar Lulu said that he has shot a 10-minute portion for the new climax. “We re-shot the climax in a day’s time and a 10-minute sequence will replace the existing climax. Apart from this, around 10 minutes from the total duration of the movie has been cut. The new version will hit the screens from Wednesday noon show.”

Director Omar Lulu has previously made Happy Wedding and Chunks, movies that had comedy as their stronghold. This led the viewers to have similar expectations from the new movie which is why the unconventional climax has not gone down well with them.

“This is my third movie after Happy Wedding and Chunks. And with back-to-back rom-coms, I wanted to bring in a realistic feel to this movie and decided to go for a tragic end. However, that is not what our audience was expecting. Many people gave me negative feedback on the climax sequence. Hence, my producer and I decided to go for a change and shoot a new climax,” said Lulu.


Last year, a teaser of the movie showing Priya Prakash Warrier’s wink went viral. This led a section of the viewers to believe that Varrier played the female lead in the film. Much to the dismay of the people, it was only after the movie’s release that they found out that Noorin Sheriff had a more prominent role than Varrier.

During a recent interview, the director also spoke about the pressure from various quarters to rework the screenplay to offer Varrier a meatier part. He even admitted to a difference in opinion with the producer which eventually lead to a delay in the movie.

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