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Priyanka Upendra Would Like To Be A Part Of ‘Transformative’ Films

Priyanka Upendra will play a police constable in her next. The actress, who has established a flourishing fashion designing career following her marriage to co-star Upendra, is now looking for acting opportunities that will be ‘socially relevant’.


In conversation with Silverscreen, Priyanka said: “I would like to pursue more socially conscious roles. I did Mummy, which was a horror film. And ever since that, I’ve been getting similar roles. But, I do not want to pursue more of the same. I want to make films that are milestones, and be a part of something that is transformative. My next film is along those lines.”

Directed by debutant Yogi, the film is about a female constable and her struggles in the male-dominated police force. “I think, generally, women are not taken seriously. In the police force, things become even more skewed for women. This film, Second Show, is an attempt to create more awareness about it.”

Upendra’s nephew, Niranjan, has a pivotal role in the film. It is slated to release later this year.