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Producer Dhananjayan Turns Director; To Start Filming A Thriller By January 2020

Two-time National Award winning producer Dr G Dhananjayan has ventured into film-making. The producer, who has helmed various creative projects under the BOFTA Mediaworks and Creative Entertainers banner, has only recently decided to venture into direction.

“My involvement in every film that I produce has always extended in various aspects, including screenwriting and film-making. Over the years, this has given me the confidence to take this step,” Dhananjayan said.

He is well prepared for the journey of ups and downs since he has seen it all, he said. After launching the BOFTA Film Institute his experience has been enriched while interacting with many talented personalities from the world of cinema, according to Dr Dhananjayan.

“I have been toying with the idea of film-making for years now. However, my various other commitments have always pushed this aside. It was my wife Lalitha who insisted that I take the plunge!” he added.


The past four months have been a busy time for the producer with story pitches and also gathering a technical crew that can make his idea come to life on the big screen. “I wanted to announce my decision on a special occasion, and felt that my wife’s birthday is the perfect time since she is the main motivation behind my decision,” the producer also said.

Dr Dhananjayan’s team will be announcing the details of the project in December, and shooting of the film will begin by January 2020. The movie will be a thriller, with a new age twist, and the producer hopes that it will be an interesting addition to the Tamil film canon.