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PT Selvakumar Wants Women to be ‘Soft, Forgiving’, Defends Vairamuthu

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Producer PT Selvakumar, on Tuesday claimed singer Chinmayi Sripada had political motives when she accused lyricist Vairamuthu of sexual harassment. Speaking to the press today in Chennai, PT Selvalumar said, “It is not fair that Chinmayi raises an allegation now after 15 years. She should have come out earlier or complained somewhere. There is no evidence that Vairamuthu has asked her to come to the hotel room. What is the motive for her to bring the topic now. Vairamuthu has even gone to Chinmayi’s wedding and they have attended few events together.”


PT Selvakumar believes that Chinmayi’s action will prompt other women to come forward with their own stories of sexual harassment. He said, “Women should be soft and have a forgiving nature. When you want to punish the person go to the police. Opening up an issue after 15 years gives rise to the doubt that there may be be some political motive in defaming him. If this is encouraged, then women everywhere will point to their fathers, brothers, cousins and so on. This cannot be accepted in our culture. It hurts when women in our culture behaves like this,” he added.

Talking about Vairamuthu, he said “He is such a hard worker. He comes from a small village, and has attained such a height. He has received so many awards for his works and service to art. He is an identity for all Tamil people. We are all hurt when he is accused. Some assistant directors asked me to raise a voice against it and that’s why I’m here. I have no personal connection to Vairamuthu and I do not support him. Mine is the voice of a common man standing for truth.”


However, Chinmayi explained why she did not come forward earlier. In a video, she said: “All this happened in 2004 or 2005, when there was not much Internet penetration or mobile phone usage. It’s only in the past three or four years that we share opinions on social media. I’m being asked why my mother and I, who lived alone, did not complain to the cops or to the industry then. Today, despite the fact that I’m popular, I’m accused of doing this for publicity. You think society would have accepted it then?”