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Puriyatha Puthir Release: Screenings Will Begin from Afternoon Shows, Says Director

Puriyatha Puthir

The morning shows of the Vijay Sethupathi starrer Puriyatha Puthir were cancelled. However, director Ranjith Jeyakodi says that the film will run from the afternoon shows. Ranjith told Silverscreen, “Morning shows were stalled due to some unavoidable issues. The film will run from the afternoon shows today.”


It was reported that the court had stalled the release, after a petition was filed that alleged that the producers had to settle payment to crew and staff who worked on the film. “Payment to workers issue was sorted lat night itself. We had other unavoidable issue at the time of the release this morning, and that also has now been sorted out. Afternoon shows will run as per plan,” Satish of JSK Films, told Silverscreen.

Meanwhile, a Vijay Sethupathi video which features him playing the guitar went viral on social media. The actor posted the video ahead of the film’s release. Vijay, who plays a musician in Puriyatha Puthir, attended piano and guitar classes for his role.

Here is the video: