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PVP Cinemas Is Not Quitting Movie Production

Contrary to reports from certain sections of the media, PVP Cinemas is not quitting the film production business. In an statement to the press today, the company rubbished the rumours.

“There were  rumours pertaining to PVP Cinema in some section of the media that we are contemplating to call it quits  in the Tamil film industry. We are aware of the fact that it is a day dream of certain vested interests. We are a seasoned production house and we are fully aware of the low and high tides in the industry.An occasional draw back can never spell doom to an established firm like ours,” said the company.

“We have a very important line of films including one much expected Hero-Director [sic] combination that would possibly be the biggest of our times,” they added.


Four movies bankrolled by PVP Cinemas were released this year: Bangalore Naatkal, Oopiri, Kshanam, and Brahmotsavam. While Oopiri and Kshanam had a good run at the box office, Bangalore Naatkal had average returns. The production house, led by Prasad V Potluri, faced their heaviest setback when Mahesh Babu’s ambitious film Brahmotsavam, which released last week, failed at the box-office. Made on a budget of 75 Crore, the movie earned a meagre 40 Crore in its first 7 days.

PVP Cinemas currently has two films in the pipeline – Graghanam, starring Kreshna and Nandhini, and Ghazi, starring Rana Daggubati and Taapsee.