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‘Raabta’ Makers Say 2:14 Minutes Isn’t Enough To Judge Copyright Violation

The makers of Raabta have finally responded to the copyright infringement lawsuit brought against them by Magadheera’s producers, and said that deciding there was copyright violation based on a 2:14 minute trailer was presumptuous.


They said, “We would like to…categorically reject even the remotest of suggestions that our film is a copy of Magadheera. We find it extremely unsavoury and disrespectful when people from the industry belittle someone’s hard work by using words like “copied”, “plagiarised” and nonchalantly jump to conclusions merely on the basis of a mere two-minute-14-second trailer, without verifying the facts or waiting for the film to release for the public to give its verdict. We hope that the Court will uphold this view and promote creative expression.”

Both films reportedly revolve around the same premise of star-crossed lovers finding each other in a different time. Geetha Arts found enough similarities in Raabta’s trailer and publicity material to file a suit earlier this week. It has asked for a stay on the film’s release, claiming it violated Magadheera’s copyright.