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Raai Laxmi’s Next Malayalam Film: Horror But No Ghostly Makeup

Raai Laxmi has reportedly signed to star in Malayalam director KS Bava’s next, a horror film. The film will reportedly reinvent the horror genre that has been dominating Tamil cinema since Raghava Lawrence’s Kaanchana series.

Silverscreen has learnt that the services of WETA Workshop will not be required as Raai Laxmi will not need ghost makeup in the film. Instead, Bava and his team will rely on the script and jumpscares to create thrilling effects.

KS Bava made his directorial debut with Idiots, a comedy of errors about a rich heiress who hires a hitman to kill her and implicate her cheating boyfriend in the murder. The story idea for the film came from Sangeeth Sivan, who also produced the project.

This debut film promises to be completely different from his original debut. For starters, the new project will be a psychological horror film.

The project has not been officially launched as yet. An announcement is expected soon.


Raai Laxmi is currently filming for Julie 2, a sequel to Neha Dhupia’s controversial Julie (2004). Earlier, Raai Laxmi said she had to lose 10 kilos for the film, and even had to be hospitalized at times. She also said she was forced to pass up on projects down South due to the weight loss, as unlike Bollywood “voluptuous women” are preferred in South Indian films.