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Radha Ravi Demands Apology From Persons With Disabilities

Radha Ravi Rajinikanth Politics

Editor’s Note: While it is true that RR mocked children with disabilities and there were protests by activists, and Kanimozhi condemned his remarks, this article is satire. 


Veteran Actor Radha Ravi, known for his masterful roles and unstinting support of the most powerful politicians, and clearly not the “type to apologise,” was unfairly and unjustly embroiled in a controversy entirely made by the media recently.

The elder-statesman of the Cine World and scion of the dynasty established by M.R Radha, Radha Ravi had recently rejoined the DMK, and in his inaugural speech for the party, very justly, and ably employing all his thespian talents, called his party’s political rivals disabled and not fit for play. Needless to say, this very slight, no-offense-meant-at-all, completely-genuine-and-slightly-funny-no-mincing-of-words remark was blown out of proportion by members of the press, and those people who work with disabled children, and caused unnecessary tension and trouble for the actor.

Activists, who were only just waiting for a chance to protest, therefore wanted to picket Radha Ravi’s modest house, and generally rabble-rouse. Influenced by this, even DMK’s sitting MP Kanimozhi, also daughter of wheelchair user and party president Karunanidhi, demanded that Radha Ravi censor his speech and apologise.

This demand for an apology was taken up by various groups, even in remote, completely unconnected to the Tamil culture places, such as Chennai, Hyderabad and other cities in the south of India.


However, bold and strong Radha Ravi stood his ground. He explained to his close associates and the not-trustworthy press that he is not the “type to apologise”. Speaking at a Press Conference, he said, “What kind of completely inconsiderate people are these kids who cannot even take a joke? Look at our film industry and learn! See how even senior producers can make fun of, humiliate and insult actors.”

Given the enormity of this affront, Radha Ravi is reportedly considering a lunch-until dinner fast in protest. His demands: a full and final apology from the NGOs, children living with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities, and every media outlet who insensitively covered this story, callously causing him mental trauma and pain, and hours of free publicity.

Feature Image courtesy: The Hindu