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Radha Ravi Makes Sexist Comments Against Nayanthara At ‘Kolayuthir Kalam’ Audio Launch, Chinmayi Calls Him Out


Singer Chinmayi has called out Radha Ravi for his sexist comments against Nayanthara at the audio launch of the upcoming film Kolaiyuthir Kaalam. At the event yesterday, Radha Ravi asked if Nayanthara deserved to be called ‘legend’ or ‘lady superstar’ when she was playing the roles of both a ghost and a goddess in her films, and people were worshiping her for ‘looking like a prostitute’.

Singer Chinmayi slammed the dubbing union president for slut shaming Nayanthara at her own film’s audio launch, and asked why no one had said a word against this. She criticised the silence of the producers’ council and Nadigar Sangam, the unions who had said they could not take action against her termination from the dubbing union because it was matter of the ‘functioning of another union’.

Actor and dubbing union president, Radha Ravi, who has been accused of sexual harassment in #Metoo, was invited as the chief guest to Kolaiyuthir Kaalam audio launch. The event was attended by actors Rajshiri Ponappa, Sai Priya, director Karu Palaniappan, and the producers of the film.

He began his speech saying Nayanthara was a good actor, and remained strong despite controversies. He then said people had forgotten all the ‘scandals’ she was a part of ever since she attained star status. Amidst applause, he added, “Previously only KR Vijaya would be approached for all goddesses roles. Now it’s not like that, anyone can dress as god… both those who worship and those who are prostitutes.”

Voice artist Booma Subbarao slammed Radha Ravi saying, “Are movie audio launches designed exclusively for this man to abuse women?” She is one of the members of the dubbing union who had been terminated for speaking up against the alleged misappropriations at the union.

Vignesh Shivan spoke against Radha Ravi for seeking attention with his comments. He also said this was not a film promotional event when the movie was still incomplete and the film’s team did not attend the launch.

During his previous speeches at other launch events, Radha Ravi has made jokes about rape, mocked the Metoo movement, and said it was ‘detrimental to the progress of cinema’. He also said that men in the industry had overcome many challenges to get where they were, and people supporting MeToo were ruining their careers.

After yesterday’s speech, many people have asked Nayanthara to file a case against him. They have slammed the filmmakers for inviting a person accused in the MeToo movement, and the audience for cheering him while he spoke.

Members of the TFPC, Nadigar Sangam and other cinema celebrities are yet to respond to this.